Nothing is better than changing how someone feels - It is powerful!


In our hearts, Cirque De Cheveux stands to do more than make people feel good on the outside. Our mission to better the world reaches from our local communities to far away places.

I take my shearers everywhere I go! Our journey led us across the world to China to adopt our son. For me, the incredible blessing of being a mother has shed light on the needs of kids. It’s our mission to help them any way we can.

Cirque is hosting an annual “back to school” event for kids in our local community. Not only does it allow kids to start the school year with a fresh haircut, it allows them to have some fun with bounce houses and food!

In addition, Cirque is donating to a local adoption charity during November National Adoption month. All proceeds of a particular product will go to the local charity selected that year.


Cirque wants to bring our community together by celebrating our kids.