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We’re not just a salon, we’re a sanctuary for making art.

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In our hearts, Cirque De Cheveux stands to do more than make people feel good on the outside. Our mission to better the world reaches from our local communities to far away places.

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Rave Reviews


”Laurie is truly a stylist that delivers! I was so afraid to make a change and try something different, but her knowledge and expertise has completely changed my life! The girl knows extensions ladies!!!!!! Trust me on this.”

-Lindsay P.


“Laurie is a Godsend. My hair was fried to the bone and she made me look beautiful again. She is awesome at her craft and doesn't mind giving advice and TLC to her clients. I'm a lifer!!!!”

-Cristee F.


“Laurie is a Master Stylist with a unique sense for innovative hair design. With an amazing line of hair products and tools available, Laurie's clients shine under the Cirque de Cheveux "Big Top" of customer service! The salon experience is "NYC!"“

-Dawn D.

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